BlackBerry OS installed…

I have installed today a new version of the BlackBerry OS10 on Passport and Classic. Both devices are running now

Of course this is no official OS which is pushed out yet by BlackBerry itself, it is more a leak that I have installed. But it works flawless. Biggest gain to see immediately was the improved Mobile Reception. At home where I used to get 1 bar I am getting 4 right now. Great job even if it was just for that.

Additional I found the camera faster on auto focus and overall snappier.  On my Classic finally the 5Ghz Hotspot is working fine. Did not do this before at all.

No big news here though, but in general a nice improvement. The official release should come out soon as well within this month. So if you don’t know how to update your firmware yourself just wait until it gets pushed out.


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