Restaurant Re-Review: Mr.Döner – Uptown Mirdif

It has been quite some time since we had visited the last time Mr.  Döner in Uptown Mirdif. Looking back a few years this was the very first Restaurant serving the Original German Style Döner. Döner Kebab opened later on only but overtook them with their franchise system by storm and lately it is Döner & Gyros which has passed by as well….

First thing was that almost a year after the last visit Turkey Döner is still coming soon. Well…

Second thing was that the Staff did not advise us at all. If you take a drink to the meal you pay 9AED on top. If you take the meal for 8AED on top you get a drink and fries… Brilliant concept to save money on single sales…

We had one Mr. Döner Sandwich (Veal) and 3 Durum Sandwiches plus a Lahmacun. The Lahmacun was really good, but the Döner is just not up on par with the other options available. Both Döner Kebab and Döner & Gyros serve a better Doner, later named one is the best in the UAE in my opinion.

Overall I was not very impressed, the nevertheless friendly staff could not help over a rather disappointing experience. I might pass by again after a year to give them another chance, but for now I rather stick with others….

Mr.Döner - Uptown Mirdif
Nice place, super outdoor sitting
below average sadly on Doner and Durum, great Lahmacun..
friendly, though not advising on best options .
Mr. Döner had served better before, this way we won't return...

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