Recharge your phone with gas? Kraftwerk is coming…

The hardware is called Kraftwerk, after the German for “power station,” rather than the pioneering German electronic band of the same name. All a user has to do is squirt in a measure of lighter fuel or camping gas, and the company claims you’ll be able to refill an iPhone 11 times over. eZelleron is making some big claims about the efficacy,


efficiency and safety of its new product, saying that it’ll be safe to stash in your pocket and will even be allowed into an aircraft cabin. The Kickstarter pitch is light on most of the serious details, but seeing as the company has already destroyed its initial $500,000 goal, we can expect to see more when this launches in December. Of course, if you want to get in ahead of the queue, you can still pledge $99 to get a unit by February of 2016.

The only downturn is to wait for one more year to get it into hands… Would love to have it now.

More info’s on the official website: (LINK)

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