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KingsmanWe had been out last evening to see attend the Press Screening of “Kingsman The Secret Service” at the Vox Cinemas at the Mercato Mall courtesy of Empire Movies Middle East.

I had not read about it but seen the Trailer on a few occasions before and found it quite interesting. If you have seen the trailer I can tell you one thing for sure, you will love the movie. This is one where you have not the best scenes in the Trailer!

A careful observer recognized in the lovely james-bond-esque opening that the hooded gas masked Commandos storming a fortress in the mountains of the Hindukush wear some strange overalls under their vests. The longer the scene is, the clearer it gets: The men wear pinstripes. They are led by Harry Hart (Colin Firth), an equally absurd British and modernhollywood-like character. Harry Hart wears elegant Suits, travels in a taxi with a bar and cigar holders through London and likes carrying an umbrella with him, to protect him not only from moisture from above. Harry Hart buys his suits only from Kingsman” a fictional Tailor for the special gentleman with a sense of tradition and (actually) of origin. This British gentleman knows how to express and maintain to the finest conversation and  as well how to knock out somebody if he has to. So it happens that Harry tells in another scene his future Apprentice” Eggsy (Taron Egerton) about how disappointed his father would have been, if he would still be alive and he would have to watch how Eggsy would waste his talents. When this conversation is rudely interrupted by a gang of thugs related to the new spouses of Eggsy’s mother. Hard starts after a short reprimand to bring some manners to the riots using stylish gadgets in a timeless design. All this happens in great slow motion scenes.

10928987_766311963455254_16569439696733227_nThis scene , like many others, is extremely significant for Kingsman The Secret Service”. It often appears like a statement for the British upper class, all in accordance with the cliché to regulate all problems with dignity, style and decency and overall maintain composure in any situation. Whatever is shown in Kingsman The Secret Servicethe movie is always one step beyond over edge and never seems to take itself too seriously. Even if some scenes seem to completely escalate and lead to sheer madnessDirector Matthew Vaughn (Kickass, X-Men: First Class) leaves space for ironic distance only to then break it again and to present a completely unexpected moment to the audience  that he had actually announced clearly a few minutes before.

If Harry Hart something like the ObiWan Kenobi in Kingsman The Secret Service, then Eggsy is Luke Skywalker. The boy that has a good heart, but obviously had gone off the rails sometime after he had lost his father. The only real reminder on this father is an amulet with a number on the same.  This amulet was given to Eggsy by Hart when he was a little boy and Hard has given the news about his fathers death to his mother and him, and now this amulet grands him one wish if we calls the number with the code word.


As Eggsy redeems this, he is catapulted into the world of Kingsman”a private secret service independent to any government secret service that has set itself the task to prevent worse happening in the future after the end of World War 1.  Harry Hart will claim in the course of the film that the  Kingsman” were actually Tailors, which is also the secret to timeless elegance. Deadly umbrellas, golden lighters that are  hand grenades, tablets in clipboard shape and of course overalls in a pinstripe or subtle checked pattern. That Eggsy has the chance at all to join this elite round on the one hand of course,is thanks to his father, but on the other hand the fact that just suddenly a place in this true gentleman’s round  has become free. His predecessor was in fact only very recently killed while trying to free a British professor (Mark Hamill) from the clutches of mercenaries. Killed by a female sidekick of the top villain, equipped with razor-sharp and deadly prosthetic legs. Behind this fact and the abduction of course hides the plan of a megalomaniac genius, the Internet guru Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson). The lisping arch villain has of course in contrast to the Kingsman absolutely no style. He carries not only a baseball cap in closed rooms, no he even wears polo shirts (collar up) and tank top with V-neck. Everything tone on tone. This mixture of Dr. Evil and Mark Zuckerberg seems obvious to have no idea even of adequate food for a dinner when serving his guest with McDonald’s food on a shiny plate.
The Spirit of the old Bond Movies and the 60’s is all over this movie looking at Style and Design parts.  The movie seems almost like a James Bond pastiche. You will find plenty of references to the Bond Movies during the film itself.  It looks almost as if the creators around Matthew Vaughn themselves could not believe to make a completely wacky Bond movie and get away with it. Not even a Q was omitted even if it carries the codename Merlin (played by Mark Strong who can be seen at the same time in The Imitation Game” as MI-6 agent).
Just as in Matthew Vaughn‘s first major film Kickass Kingsman a comic written by Mark Millar served as template. The similarity in the work is not difficult to recognize for comic fans, but in Kingsman” the what-if” approach that Millar often used in his comics becomes much clearer. To who the name Mark Millar says nothing at I recommend to check out Superman: Red Son”  In this self-contained, short series Superman is not crashed into United States, but into Russia where he becomes the hero of communism… Entertaining.
In addition to all the action and tongue in cheek humor the movie also has a message.  A message that particularly is revealed in a scene in a Church. I don’t want to take away to much here. Kingsman The Secret Service comes with some surprising twists and turns which you would not necessarily expect in a “bigaction cinema. Even if Kingsman” is not short of violence, the film maintains a comical perspective in spite of everything. Almost one would expect bubbles with smashor Kapow!”. For fans of films like Kickass orJohn Wick“, but also for friends of Austin Powersor just the old Bond film an absolutely worthwhile viewing pleasure. We have enjoyed the movie greatly.

Acme Blog Movie Rating: 5.0 Stars


Kingsman will release in UAE cinemas on February 12!

You can watch the Trailer below:

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