Cut the Rope, Valentine’s Day and Suzy’s Zoo Love Stickers now available in the BBM Shop

Once again three new Sticker packs have arrived in the BBM Shop. This time around we got three sets with 20 Stickers each coming in at the usual 1.99$.

Valentine’s Day: First one is the one named Valentine’s Day pack that features all the stuff  including teddy bears, hearts, flowers, an I love you sticker as well as a ‘love stinks’ sticker for those who don’t care about Valentine’s Day.

IMG_20150124_071845Suzy’s Zoo Love: Another Pack that gives you more options for Valentines’s Day  featuring artwork from Suzy Spafford.

IMG_20150124_071900Cut The Rope: This is a sticker set to one of the most popular mobile games out there. For those of you that love the game, there’s a new Cut The Rope BBM Sticker pack available. In case it is not visible in your BBM Shop you can follow this link (LINK).



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