I am getting daily dozens of emails with press releases and product !cid_ii_14af34c780d9451binfo’s or Review requests. It is often not very easy to catch my attention.

Today I got an email from Muneer Al Busaidi who is the Director and Writer of A HEATED INTERVIEW which directly got my attention as it was made in Abu Dhabi. So I clicked the YouTube Link in the email and watched the Short Comedy Film and I must say I am pretty impressed.

A HEATED INTERVIEW is the short story of Adel a your Arabic Gentleman who tries to get a new job with not much of a big cv and competing against fully accredited Professionals with a lot of experience and even more impressive CV’s.

The Short Movie is really well scripted. I really liked the Main Character Adel and I really felt sympathy for him from the beginning. What I liked as well is that the end is quite surprising and totally unexpected.

Despite being a comedy the Movie has as well a serious note for me, do not judge or underestimate people on their looks. I highly recommend you to watch this short Film. It is definitely worth your eleven minutes!

Thank you very much Muneer for sharing this with me.

You can see the full Movie below:

If you are looking for more information about the Movie itself you can find it on the official website : (LINK).

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