Reviewed: The waterproof Sony Sports MP3 Player : Walkman NWZ-W273S

The Walkman has come a long way. I almost used them all. I had a classic cassette Walkman back in the 80’s, a CD version in the 90’s and I was one of the first rocking a portable Sony Mini Disc Player (which I SonyWalkmanFamilystill have and use today!). After that I owned plenty of other mp3 players of different brands which have all one thing in common: They do not walk well with water and you always carry a device and have the headphone cables hanging around.

This Walkman is going to be your best Gym buddy!

The Sony Sports MP3 Player (Walkman NWZ-W273S) is different on this. The 4GB device sits in a pair of plastic pods connected by a rubber wire that wraps around the back of the neck. With the box Sony gives as well three different sizes of ear buds to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

The device is waterproof and hence has no connection for micros or mini USB to use them. For that reason it ships with a special USB Dock in which the Walkman’s Headset is connected. Ninety minutes of charging is giving you around 8 hours of usage which is not bad at already. But the incredible feature is that if you are out of battery power just a three minutes charge will give you around another hour of music. That is an exceptional option, special for people like me who find out last minute that the batteries of the device they want to use is empty. A Killer feature in itself. The NWZ-W273S series design is waterproof up to 2 meters depth. That means you can swim with it. but do not use in salt water as it has corrosive effects.


While using is there is no display to show you what you are listening to, or what function you have chosen but a couple of buttons set into the bottom and back of the two pods. featuring ,Play/pause, volume, shuffle, power and track control are making the usage easy enough. Some of the less obvious commands you can give to the NWZ-W273S are getting confirmed by the device with an audio cue. That means when you for example you shuffle your music, access a playlist or change music folders, a voice will tell you that you have done so.

To get music on the device you just need to plug it to your computer via the USB cradle and the music you want can be dragged and dropped into the NWZ-W273S’s flash storage via USB using any computer. Simple enough and way quicker than using iTunes which I hate for that reason not supporting drag and drop.

Coming to the Sound,  the headphones provide a good respectable amount of bass (something you want in a set of workout headphones so that you can keep a cadence while running or pumping iron) with decent mid-range and high-end sound as well. The sound gets just weaker when you use it in water. A little bit of water between ear and headphone and you hear almost nothing any longer. The more it is important to try and find the right ear buds.


Sony’s 300AED NWZ-W273S Walkman Sports MP3 Player is a great pick for anyone looking for an affordable, rugged MP3 player. It s great for people who use want music at the gym, on a jog or a long bike ride.  Heck, anybody who hates the cable headphones will love these.

Acme Labs Rating: 4.5 Stars

You can get these at any Jumbo Outlet like in the Mall of the Emirates or online at Amazon.

You can as well watch the official introduction video below:

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