Movie Review: From Abu Dhabi to Beirut

We had last night been at the Advanced Screening of Ali F. Mostafa’s  Movie From Abu Dhabi to Beirut at the Vox Cinemas at the Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi. It was the first time for me to be at the Vox Cinemas in the Yas Mall and man was it an experience. The Advances Screening took place in the Vox Gold Cinemas and I must say the experience there is awesome. I had been in Vox Gold before but it was a rather a plain experience. Rest assured if I will go to Vox Cinemas in Abu Dhabi again it will be Gold!

There was a short speech of the director before the Movie started and the main cast members had been present too which was pretty cool.

image1The Movie itself is playing in the year 2011 when Omar finds himself still racked with the guilt over the death of his best friend Hady 5 years ago and whose girl he married which was the reason for the the stress they had.

Just days away from the birth of his first child, he decides to take the road trip they never got to take and reaches out to his estranged high school friends Jay (Albutairi) and Ramy (Alfons) who have lost touch since Hady’s death to take the road trip in his memory., much to the dismay of his pregnant wife.

Jay, now a playboy / wannabe DJ, and Ramy, an #activist (with 737 twitter followers!), take some convincing, but finally agree to the trip. The boys decide to drive from Abu Dhabi – via Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria to arrive in Beirut, on what would have been Hady’s twenty-fifth birthday.

Their journey is interesting and you will see quite some places you are familiar with in this flick which is pretty awesome. As well the scenery is partially amazing, specially Jordan. It made me feel during the movie already like “I wanna go there”.

The story is told interesting and despite the movie being mainly in Arabic I followed the subtitles well enough to get everything. The movie did not bore me for even a minute.

As a classic Roadtrip Movie with Arabic charm of course things have to go wrong during the trip and they do. A camel gets hit, they get arrested by the Police and so on. I don’t want to take away to much of the story here but having as well some political influences about the war in Syria and the difficulties in Lebanon itself at that time is enriching the movie very well and I walked out of the Movie still thinking how horrible the situation in Syria must be.

The Actors had been quite good and specially Fahad who plays Jay/Yousef was brilliant in my opinion and very entertaining. As well to mention is Madeline Zima who is known for playing alongside in Californication alongside with David Duchovny and playing a Tourist. Overall it is an entertaining flick which is giving you a good time in the cinema. It is certainly worth watching and having a good time even if you do not speak native Arabic like me.

Acme Blog Movie Rating: Movie: 4.5 Stars

From Abu Dhabi to Beirut is in Cinemas across the Middle East starting today (8.1.15), below are a few impressions from the Vox Gold Cinema:

You can watch the Trailer below:

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