Restaurant Review: Nordsee Express , The Dubai Mall

We had been the other day in the Dubai Mall and for the little hunger we thought we just visit the last remaining of the Nordsee Restaurants in the UAE which is the Nordsee Exp

ress in the Lower Groundfloor of the Dubai Mall close to the entrance of Burj Khalifa.

Well, having been there now it is obvious why the other Restaurants they had in the UAE have closed down.  The service is unfriendly, unorganized and just kills the experience even before you have gotten anything to eat. It might be that just one girl on the counter is not enough for the amount of people trying to order. Additionally you cannot see clearly the menu they have, You have some items on the display hanging over you, fine, some others are on the side of the Restaurant which you cannot easily see as you cannot go to the side due to another Restaurant being in the way. There is no paper menu or anything to give you an easy overview on what to order.

We ordered finally a Seafood Paella and a grilled Pollack fillet with fried potatoes.  The Seafood Paella was quite OK but the Pollack was dry and just tasted old. The fried potatoes where very oily and overall it was just not worth it. I have been to Nordsee Restaurants in Germany gazillions of times and the experience despite being Express was completely different. For me, unless something majorly changes, I will not return to this last Nordsee Restaurant in the UAE as you got way better alternatives for Fish in the same price range than what you get here sadly.

With the level of Service provided I believe the last existing Nordsee Restaurant in the UAE will as well sooner or later close down for good. Maybe Nordsee has selected the wrong Franchise Partner here.

Review Nordsee Express , The Dubai Mall
located in the lower Goundfloor of the Dubai Mall
nothing special at all, too oily, just OK.
unfriendly and overloaded. .
better spend your bucks somewhere else

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