3 new Stickers Packs now in the BBM Shop….

Once again three new Sticker Packs have turned up in the BBM Shop in the last 24 hours.

  • The first one is Charuca by  spanish Kawaii Artist Charuca Vargas. It gives you 20 Stickers for 1.99$ but is regionally limited as it seems.IMG_20150101_134951
  • The second one is Angel Cat Sugar by Yuko Shimizo containing of course Sugar but as well Basil, Thyme and Parsley. As well here 20 Stickers for 1.99$.IMG_20150101_135011
  • Last one is Dungberries by Bare Tree Media. Not sure what to say about these as they are literally poo. I personally don’t like them at all , but if you fancy some hot or better steamy poo on your BBM make sure you hit the BBM Shop and download as well here 20 useless Stickers for wasted 1.99$. IMG_20141231_083358

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