Restaurant Review: Cheesecake Factory, The Beach

We had been out in JBR’s The Beach to visit the Cheesecake Factory over there the other day.  We had been quite lucky to be able to get a table without a long waiting time as usual. Unfortunately we had not been lucky enough to sit outside or upstairs. But inside next to the opened door was fine enough with us.

The ambiance is like in the other two Cheesecake Factory Restaurants in Dubai, it is calm with some really nice decors. The Cheesecake Factory’s dim golden lights portray a romantic and upscale atmosphere with exotic and rich colorful images as well as classical style engravings that draw crowds into awe, wanting to know if the food is as good as the design. I am always again stunned how so much staff running around can still look so coordinated…

After going through the huge menu again and again we decided to go for the Calamari as starters and Crispy Chicken Costoletta as well as as Herb crusted Filet of Salmon as mains. Of course the complimentary bread and butter starters are always set and taste really lovely. But don’t eat too much of it else you will have a takeaway on the main courses.

The Calamari are for me the best ones around and whenever we are at a Cheesecake Factory we do order these. And as well this time they did not disappoint. The Chicken Costoletta came with asparagus and mashed potatoes and was a huge portion, big enough to take it shared, but as it is really tasty I finished it somehow. The Filet of Salmon which came with rice was tasty as well and certainly something to pick again.

It would not be a visit to the Cheesecake Factory without having a Cheesecake as desert. I went for a Low Carb one without anything else and it was fantastic with its Walnut Crust. I was honestly thinking about taking some pieces as take away…

Cheesecake Factory, The Beach
great location, specially if you sit outside or on the 1st flor
whatever I have tried so far is great...
very Friendly Staff, well explaining and caring. .
So worth it....

Below are some pictures. Note please that due to the golden light conditions these are not very accurate.

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