BlackBerry Classic available from tomorrow in Dubai…

a week after the official launch the BlackBerry Classic will from tomorrow onwards be available exclusively in the BlackBerry Store in the Dubai Mall starting 6pm and is set to retail at 1799AED. I got mine already but if you fancy one you should be there to be among the first in the UAE….


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3 thoughts on “BlackBerry Classic available from tomorrow in Dubai…”

  1. Hi Tomas,

    Season Greetings with heaps of joy in Dubai. Hope you like you Classic and that you’ll be enjoying it in very good health.

    I was also contacted yesterday by BB store staff in Dubai Mall only to find out that they were accepting pre-orders (that’s what they said). Later on in the evening I dropped by the store and unless the devices were hidden away they refused to confirm availability, price and colors. Let alone no demo was there.

    Anyway, I’m not amazed by such another low level of service in Dubai and most importantly by the poor way of BB store conducting business. May be Waterloo auditors should take a closer look as to find out several reasons of their brand loosing share even in UAE, the most highly booming phone market in the world.

      1. Really…is it tonight? What would it take them being truthful instead of becoming PITA to the customers? They were only looking how to cash in some advance payments. While there I noticed at least another three customers complaining for about the same reason like I did. It’s a shame.

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