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Two weeks back we had been given a Xbox One for testing it out.  First Impression: The Xbox One is huge. Way bigger than the PS4 and even bigger than the Xbox 360. It seems the developers wanted to make it as closed as possible to be a Box.

While the Xbox 360 Controller was already good, the one of the Xbox One feels a bit more heavy, but as well way more solid. Great work. The Thumbsticks are smaller now which makes them better to use in my opinion.  The best of the tweaks, by far, are found in the d-pad. It’s precise and offers satisfying, discrete feedback when you move

The Xbox One lets you connect up to 1000 people on the Social side. Additional you can get even followers to who you can share your updates.

The Dashboard looks quite similiar to Windows 8. That is good in my opinion and makes navigating easy even for first time users. You got Apps , Games, Settings and even some Ads of Microsoft always easy available. I really liked here that in the end you do not require a TV Remote any longer if you run your TV box through the Xbox via hdmi in.xboxone1

Apps wise you got Skype preloaded which in combination with Kinect is super great to sit on the sofa and chat with friends and family. Skydrive is as well on board as well as the Internet Explorer. Hit a wireless keyboard on the Xbox One and you could surf the internet perfectly. Streaming services as Comedy Central, Fox and FX Now, HBO Go, MTV, Redbox, Starz, TED, USA Now, Verizon FiOS TV and YouTube give you the best choice out there right now.

You Xbox One has as well an included Media Player that plays almost whatever you throw at it. It can play items off a drive or anything discoverable on your home network, like another PC or NAS (network attached storage). Sweet right? Try that with a PS4..

Underneath the interface lies the heart of the Xbox One’s experience: the games . When it comes to games, the Xbox One’s catalog offers a good mix of mult iplatform releases and compelling exclusives at the year mark. The biggest one this season, of course, is Halo: The Master Chief Collection, even despite its launch woes. But Sunset Overdrive shouldn’t be overlooked, nor should outstanding racing games like Forza 5 and its newer open-world cousin, Forza Horizon 2. And then, of course, 2015 will bring Halo 5: Guardians and other interesting projects like Quantum Break.

forza-one-reveal1On the sharing front, the Xbox One makes it easy to publicize your accomplishments, as well as broadcast your exploits to a rapt audience. Grabbing clips of your gameplay through the GameDVR app is fairly easy, and uploading them to YouTube is as fast as going into the app and selecting the option to do so. The recording quality isn’t as good as using a dedicated capture device, and it’s not as easy to edit clips as compared to doing so on a PC, but it’s quick and doesn’t require any extra hardware.

For live streaming, the Twitch app makes broadcasting effortless—even with the burden of having to go through an array of button presses to start the service. Setup is fast, and you can also rearrange the position of your picture-in-picture of window if it’s blocking the view of a menu or HUD. For people who’ve been curious to try live streaming, this app lowers the barrier to entry by a huge amount, and makes it seem like an expected extension of what to do while gaming.

The Verdict

At the Xbox One’s launch, Microsoft took the position of wanting to be the console that offered everything in one place, but it didn’t fully deliver on that. Now, a year later, the Xbox One’s major features have been strengthened enough so they clearly stand out, and the media-saturated environment they live in has also been nurtured and grown. Whether you come to your living room to watch video content or TV, listen to music, or play games, there’s a lot to choose from in each category.

Acme Blog Rating: 4.5 Stars

You can get the entry Xbox One for around 1700AED at any Sharaf DG outlet.

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