Restaurant Review: Burger Rebel , Wafi Mall

We had been yesterday in the Wafi Mall and had some time left so we decided to give Burger Rebel a try. Looking not to big from the outside bit the inside is very spacious with quite some amount of tables and even an outside seating. The Industrial hip interior design is quite cool and hip.

The Restaurant was empty when we reached at around 8pm. Only us nobody else. We had been given the menu which is coming in form of a tablet quickly and had looked though it. The menu gives you various starters, sliders, burgers and hot dogs.  It took ages until somebody paid attention to us again to take the order. We went for an American Burger and a Beef Hot Dog paired with a bottle of water.

The food arrived short after and my Burger looked great. Unfortunately it was nothing special or rebelling, it was just an average burger unfortunately, the fries however where pretty good.  The Hot Dog was OK as well. in my eyes way too spicy, but it seems that was how its concept is..

Again we had to call for somebody to pay attention and let us pay to finally get out again. Overall a nice place but I believe most people just go once there and not again as us. There are better spots in town for really good burgers on a similar price tag. We paid 100AED for a hot dog, a burger and a bottle of water…

Burger Rebel , Wafi Mall
Upper Floor in a rather boring Mall
OK, nothing special..
Ignorant and unfriendly. .
Looks more promising than it is...

More information on the official website: (LINK)

You can find Burger Rebel here:

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