Trying out once again…

I have had not the best experience in the past with and it seems neither had some of you who left comments on the old post on this blog.

Well a year has passed and an item has appeared on a good price which I wanted to get (Just another Microsoft Surface2) , so I ordered it expecting delivery within a week or 10 days…

The very next day it was shipped and I got a call for the delivery the day after. It took a total of three days to get the tablet delivered. That was impressive. Or was it just luck?

One time lucky is not good enough to write a new article I thought, so I placed another order for a Dell Venue 8 tablet. Again the same,  on day three the delivery. Improved service or twice luck? I was not sure yet.


So I placed a third order for a Canon camera. As well here the same. It really seems that has done their homework and sorted out their problems. I am now happy to order with them as it fulfills finally my expectations.  You can find still items which are more expensive on the website then in any shop, But that is not the fault of

I am quite often complaining on the service level in this region, but if something works well it has to be said as well- Good Job

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