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After 2 weeks playing with the phone it is about time to put a review porscheonline.  The P9983 is the latest luxury phone resulting out of the Partnership between Porsche Design and BlackBerry and it is already the third phone they release together and the second one running BB 10 OS.

First impression: The Box looks is pretty big, almost the same as the Passport VIP editions had been. Inside you will find of course the phone itself with separate battery, BlackBerry Premium Headphones and wall connectors for various countries as well as a plastic card certifying that you got an original device.

Specs wise the phone has very similar technical data as the older brother the BlackBerry Q10. The 3.1″ display has 720×720 pixels and the processor is the same Snapdragon S4 Plus clocking on 1,5 GHz as well. The Battery is on 2100 mAh which gave me so far no problems at all during my daily usage running 4 email accounts and all Social Media Platforms on permanently as well as Nobex. The 2GB of RAM are enough the keep the device running smooth without any flaws. Technically seen the device is up to date with the specs it runs. The same is valid for the Dual Band WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and LTE.

The camera as well is the same 8MP rear facing camera which can be found on the Q10, but for some reasons I found the pictures taken on the P9983 more clear. This is of course purely subjective. But the position of the sensor might be the reason, or the sapphire glass used. The front facing camera gives 2MP which is as well standard.

Biggest difference aside from the design towards the Q10 is that the P9983 has 64GB on-board memory where the Q10 only has 16GB. You can extend this as well with a memory card up to 128GB additional.

Holding the phone it really feels valuable. The quality is stunning and the materials used  on the device integrate premium quality materials such as before said sapphire glass for the camera lens, forged stainless steel for the Porsche Design floating logo and chassis, and a glass-weave technology for the back door. This phone is certainly an eye catcher wherever you pull it out.

The Keyboard is already great on any qwerty BlackBerry, but this keyboard feels even better. It features glass-like keys with the durability of rigid synthetic material, and a special 3D effect with silver font characters. Typing on it is a dream.


Software wise it is the standard BlackBerry 10 OS, but with the stylish Porsche fonts and an amazing Porsche clock inside the clock app. I wish I could get this clock somehow on my Passport…

The OS is brilliant as it is already, perfect working without any fails, quick and smooth. Aside from the BlackBerry Passport the P9983 is currently as well the only BlackBerry phone that is able to use BlackBerry Blend.  Blend lets you connect your phone to your pc or tablet where you can access secure emails, BBM and so on. I use it permanently and could not live without it anymore.

The last great part of the phone is the BlackBerry Assistant.The Assistant allows you to manage emails, contacts, calendar and other BlackBerry 10 features through voice and text commands. This works pretty great and I frequently use it on all my devices. It is surely a step direction Cortana and Siri.

As the battery is removable you are able to remove the back cover. In order to give you a more individual touch you can change the back cover against high quality leather ones in various colors. I had met a gentleman the other day who had a crocodile leather back, you can make it yours…


Last but certainly least: Apps. BlackBerry World itself has loads of Apps and there have just been a few I was missing. The P9983 has access by default to the Amazon App Store from where you can install Android apps directly without any side loading. If that is not enough you can still side load SNAP and have full access to the Google Play Store. Instagram works as well perfectly that way, just in case the alternatives in BlackBerry World are not what you want.

Conclusion: Overall it is an amazing phone with the best OS and the hottest design out there. The 7000AED price tag is just secondary on this device as individuality and prestige comes certainly first for customers interested in this device.  If you want to get your hands on this device right away Axiom Telecom let’s you order this luxury phone online (LINK).   5.0 Stars

Here are some more pictures:

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