Want to get your Ears pierced in Dubai? Here is where to go…

We wanted to get the ears of our daughter pierced so she can wear earrings. There is not too much of shops to be found who advertise it and in the most Hospitals that do offer it you need to wait for an appointment.

Asking some folks I know the answer we got pretty often was to go to KYRA in the Dubai Gold & Diamond Park. We went there yesterday morning without an appointment and after having been let in we got a complete explanation how the system works what are risks , what needs to be done to keep it clean etc.

The biggest surprise is that the piercing itself is free with the ear rings you buy. These are starting at 150AED and going up to 550AED. The ear rings are matching the Stapler like machine which directly shoots the earring in as well.

Our daughter was just crying for a minute and than everything was OK again. The service was great and I can highly recommend KYRA.

You can find KYRA in Building number 2 in the Gold & Diamond Park in Dubai close to the FGB Bank Metro station. You can get more info on the official website (LINK).

Here is a video demonstrating how it works:

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