Movie Review: Pocket Listing

Another Movie  Premiere we attended last night was the one for the movie ‘Pocket Listing’ at the Reel Cinemas at the Dubai Mall courtesy of Empire Movies Middle East.

The extraordinary on this premiere was that James Jurdi who is writer and main character of the movie was present at the screening and inviting as well to an After Party.  It is not happening every day that a Hollywood star is attending a movie premiere down here.

The Plot in short:

Revolving around tLED_1080x1920_pocket listinghe hot-button issue of the U.S. real-estate market roller coaster and its various casualties, the story has to do with a mysterious power player named Frank Hunter (Rob Lowe) and his sultry wife Lana (Jessica Clark), who hire disgraced Los Angeles property broker Jack Woodman (James Jurdi) to discreetly market and sell their Malibu villa. Betrayal, adultery, murder, mistaken identity, and plenty of illegal activity ensue. Burt Reynolds plays the head of a powerhouse broker firm, with Logan Fahey as his drug-addled, villainous son and Woodman’s fierce competitor.

Seeing Pocket Listing was a fresh new wind into the movies these days with the topic being about the real estate business. There had been quite a lot of banker and Taken like movies out in the last year, so this story certainly comes in fresh. But does it impress?

Jack Woorman:  I don’t sell houses, I deal dreams.

Without taking away too much of the story. It does. Rob Lowe, Burt Reynolds, Jessica Clark, Logan Fahey and least but surely not last James Jurdi deliver an amazing pieces of work here. The movie stays interesting during the full time and the plot has enough twists to keep you thinking. It doesn’t feel boring for even a minute. The story is easy to follow and completely believable though. The peace of the movie is perfect as well.  I can’t wait to see more movies of or with James Jurdi.

Resume: This is a fascinating movie with a plot you have not seen before anywhere. You are lucky here in the UAE to be able to watch it now as the US might get it only by next year. So take your chance and watch it on the big screen.

Acme Movie Rating: 5.0 Stars

You can watch the Trailer below:

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