tried out: Starbucks Drive Thru, Al Ain

We had been in Al Ain the other day and found a Starbucks with Drive Thru next to Jahli Park. So we hit the waiting line and tried it out.  The location is pretty cool and as per the sticker they open at six in the morning, so you can grab your favorite coffee while on the way to work.starbucksalaindrivethru

Biggest difficulty is that if the person inside does not get what you want you might get what you did not order. So in my case. I asked for a Vanilla Frappuccino and they gave ma a Vanilla Cappuccino. Luckily I had already a bad feeling with the guy inside on the intercom so made sure to check before taking it. They immediately made the right one after telling which of course costs a bit more time.

I would love to see more drive thru Starbucks as I am often in the car and very often parking next to one is difficult.

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