Trying out…

last week I had seen in an Facebook ad that is offering the just launched BlackBerry Passport already with a relatively huge discount at a rate of 2499AED, The even bigger amazement on this was that it seemed the only store in the World taking an order for a white BlackBerry Passport!

So I placed the order, knowing that this is not going to happen anyways within an acceptable time frame, and waited…

A day after ordering I got a call telling me order will be dispatched within 3 days… That was a surprise already… I thought they would call me in tell me that the offer is wrong…


The next 3 days nothing has happened obviously. So I called for a follow up. At least this time I was told they have no stock yet and do not know exactly when it arrives. But I should not worry even during Eid they will do shipment on Sunday…

Having checked with a contact at BlackBerry Middle East there is no chance at this stage they will be able to deliver a white BlackBerry Passport anytime soon.  I got the black one anyways since some time so I am not in need for the white one, but it would have been cool.

Learning out of this:  If an offer is too good to be true (a unicorn phone that is not released already on a discounted price) than it is not true. should mention on their website that they have no stock of these items and delivery depends upon release and availability in the next 12 months…  The way they do it they make customers believe they actually have the items they are selling, which they don’t. I have luckily ordered cash on delivery so will have no running behind a refund here…thumbdown

I will certainly not try to order via again as the experience was rather bad…


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  1. Dear All,
    This is about the most craziest order. Crazy deals tried to sell me an open piece of phone.When i returned back with the complaint,they send me back the same phone(same IMEI ) with a seal which was done locally.
    Sequence of events after placing the order for new LG G 3 as advertised on the webpage ·
    Order placed -01-071509.18 am
    Order ID-CRAZY[private info removed] ·
    23.07.15-After lot of follow-ups for 23 days( back to back phone calls and email requests recorded) item was delivered to my office. To my surprise it was not a sealed piece which was delivered to me.This was noticed and witnessed by the delivery boy.This was addressed back to the call center and Mandar from customer service and item was returned · 25.07.15-Item was again delivered .On checking it was found that the same piece of equipment was sealed locally(pictures attached with date and time) which is a violation of law and cheating customers (Product number and IMEI numbers were matching with the phone delivered on 23.07.15).This was addressed back to the call center and line manager As we know it is illegal to stamp a new seal on an open product and sell it as brand new to teh customer .This will be addressed to the media with the log and all the details and complaints will be registered with consumer rights division of economic department if no feedback /action is taken /received.

  2. I purchased Wacom G tablet from them. Fully paid all the amount online. obtained the receipt with assurance that the product will be delivered 3 to 5 days.

    it is 9th day today I am continually following up with their team. whereas they are supposed to call me… right?

    first they said my order for which I paid fully has got out of stock. whereas at purchasing time it was available and online system also collected my full payment toward the product. and they also issed me receipt of payment.

    second option: they say they are ready to give and alternative product. claiming it to be same. where as it is an older model

    3rd: when I told them to refund my money. they say it will take another 7 to 10 days to refund my money.

    4th. they don’t take responsibility if credit card bank charge me for delay in payment from their side.

    you can see how fraud they are.

    God Damn!!!

  3. I would rate it as ZERO stars if possible. I purchased a LG G3 phone on Friday, 27th of November 2015. On their website it clearly stated ONE DAY DELIVERY. I called them on Monday when i had still not received my order, they were extremely rude, denied that their website said one day delivery (even though the website STILL said so), and said the order will be delivered Tuesday. I called again on Wednesday, they said that even though Thursday is a holiday, they would deliver it on Thursday, again they were very very very rude. I called again on Sunday, 9 days after my order, they said it will be delivered in a few hours. I called again today, Monday, they said no one answered the phone and the order was canceled!!!! I missed out on sales from other reputable websites like because of this, and now that the sales are over i’ll have to pay more because crazydeals didnt deliver. You would have to be “crazy” to order from these people again read less

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