The Volkswagen XL1 Sport… Powered by a Ducati engine…

What ??? you might say. Yes , Volkswagen has put a mighty Ducati motorcycle engine  into their XL1 eco-minded lightweight, and the result is kind of mind-bending.

Ferdinand Piech had been talking about swapping out the 800cc diesel hybrid engine in their carbon fiber-laden, 1,700-pound XL1, and at this years Paris Motor Show, they revealed that it’s more than just a crazy fevered Piech-dream.

The XL Sport uses a 200 horsepower “Superquadro” V-twin engine ripped out of the Ducati 1199 Superleggera superbike. It revs to 11,000 RPM, which is something the XL1 definitely does not do.

Volkswagen says this car will hit zero to 100 kmh in the mid-5 second range, which isn’t the likes of a supercar but is still quick and impressive for the experiment that it is. More notably, it will do 270kmh. Power is directed to the wheels via a seven-speed DSG.

The only question remaining is if this will be ever build for the masses. I would love to test drive it.

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