Restaurant Review: MAN’OUSHE STREET in DIP , delivery

Living in Alghadeer Village on the outskirts of the City has one clear disadvantage, you have very limited access to food deliveries. Ulogosing which was my favorite back in Business Bay simply does not even listen this location… MAN’OUSHE STREET was the first Restaurant leaving a menu card in front of our door some days ago. Today was the day to give them a call and try them out.

Calling the call center against all my expectations they know Alghadeer, they asked which community, which road or court. So far impressive. The girl on the phone gave good explanation of the menu and we finally agreed on some items to be delivered.

We went fora Cheeki Chicken Wrap, a Roast Beef Wrap and a Lahme Bi Ajine. The Cheeki Chicken Wrap is just phenomenal , I really loved the taste of the Wrap. I would even go so far to say this is the best Wrap I have ever had.  The Lahme Bi Ajine was as well very good. I had no real high expectations on the food and thought it won’t even make it warm to here from DIP, but it arrived warm and was really good. We will definitely order more often there in the future.

Restaurant Review: MAN'OUSHE STREET delivery
they said it will take 75 minutes and it took not more than that..
great taste, great ingredients and simply superb...
Value for
Good value money specially if you see how big the Wraps are, .
Finally a great delivery option in Alghadeer..

You can find more information on their official website or call them on 600 566 667.

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    I read your blog and I am really interested in living at alghadeer. Could you please tell me out of experience how big the expat community is in alghadeer? How safe it is? And is it family oriented?

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