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We had been yesterday to an exclusive Bloggers pre screening of the upcoming The Guest movie thanks to Front Row Filmed Entertainment.

The Plot in short:  While still struggling over the loss of their oldest @The Guest - Releasing on 09 October 2014son Caleb to the war in Afghanistan, the Peterson family finds some relief when an unexpected visitor knocks on their door. David, a steely-eyed and charismatic ex soldier, is welcomed into their home when he comes to fulfill a promise he made to his fallen comrade. The Siblings Anna and Luke are at first reluctant to accept his presence, but he soon wins them over. Though he appears to be the perfect guest, a mysterious chain of events causes Anna to question whether David is actually who he claims to be and she starts investigating on her own….


I’m a soldier, I like guns.

I had not read about this movie at all before we went to see it so I had no huge expectations despite having seen the trailer already at A Walk Among the Tombstones.  Dan Stevens in the role of David is the perfect match for this movie. He is charming and cool and just rocks this flick with his genuine warmth ,which despite him being the bad guy, makes you sympathize with him.   Maika Monroe who plays Anna Peterson is as well a good choice for her role.

THE GUESTThe Movie goes on a good pace and is taking unexpected turns what I love in movies. It is mixing genres a bit with being action, thriller and horror at the same time but the combination in The Guest is perfect. The End leaves itself open to a potential second part which I personally would love to see.

We have loved the Movie, make sure you see it on the big screen.  5.0 Stars

The Guest will be released across UAE cinemas on October 9 and is rated 18+.

You can watch the Trailer here:

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