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On 6th of August I had ordered a battery for a camera via Amazon and instead of using Shop and Ship by Aramex I had thought I could try out Ship Ace…

On 12th of August the order got delivery to the Ship Ace mailbox. TRACKERThe Ship Ace tracking system has recognized this as well the same day.

On 16th, 4 days later, the package was send to Dubai. Quite a delay already.

on 19th it arrived in the Dubai Service Center and was forwarded to Abu Dhabi as my address lies within Abu Dhabi boundaries. Nevertheless a delivery from Dubai would be easier and shorter. But they should have checked the location on a map to find out…

So war it was not a fast shipment but it is OK and I would not complaint. My ordeal starts there after….

Once arrived in Abu Dhabi they found out they need more tracker2information on my location. To be honest, if you know how to use Google Maps you will have no problem finding it. It is that easy.

I was busy so could not answer the phone and had to call back, the delivery company ( I am now dealing with SkyCom who handles the delivery) told me that my area is not in their delivery range. What ?

The reason I tried them out was the below image on their Facebook page.Clipboard01To your doorstep. Seems they do not know their own commitments towards customers…

From 23rd to 25th they had to think about how they can fix it as I did not want to pick it up in a Mall or somewhere else as it was their commitment and they will have to fulfill it. They decided finally to send the package back to Dubai as it is easier to delivery from there. Shouldn’t somebody have checked the delivery address in advance?  Maybe too high expectations from my side…

On 26th they pretended to have called me on their website with not a single missed call on my phone. So I rang them up and asked who called me and on which number. I got eventually through to the driver himself who gave me a complete different number than mine. End of the discussion was again that next day it will be delivered… Ridiculous.

Yesterday morning I had to call them again as the tracker at 7am said not answered call with zero missed calls on my mobile.. Felt like in a time loop…

Finally the courier service telling me they will deliver. Asking for my Dubai location. I told them I am in Abu Dhabi so they wanted again to transfer the package to the Abu Dhabi hub…

That is when I lost it a bit. Never dealt with such incompetent people. I was told the driver will call me. I offered once again to give tracker3me the number of the driver as I have high doubts in the capabilities in anyone in SkyCom being able to ready digits from 0-9.. But the driver called me at 11:13 that he is on the way…

Meanwhile I was trying for ages to get somebody on the phone from Ship Ace, but no answer. The phone has not even an answering machine just ends with a message that nobody picked up and you can try again later… Great.

At 12:46 I followed up with the driver to ensure everything is on track and he has not tried to call me on a phone number that does not ring on my mobile. He said he is on the way and will be there after some time and call me… OK.

at 14:16 I thought i just try it again, not that the guy had an accident and needs help… But OK.

At 14:41 the package got delivered. But of course not without creating a new mess. The driver asked for the 43AED delivery charges which I had paid online on the Ship Ace website in the moment the option got available and it shows as paid on the tracker….  Calling again Ship Ace to clarify the new nonsense I was told to be called back in a few minutes.

Who called back was the driver to say he leaves the package now without payment….

All over all an experience I certainly do not fancy to repeat.  15 days from the US to my door is a time frame I have never experienced with Aramex. Usual 3 to 4 days and that is it. But 15 days? Not acceptable.  Aside from that I have tried to use the chat function pretty often which either was not available (during working times) or kept me with one waiting person in front of me for more than 90 minutes waiting where I just cancelled the chat. SkyCom as well would be my very last preference in shipping anything to anywhere with the experience I made with them and incompetence they have demonstrated….

1.0 Stars

Never again. Extremely disappointing service. No 24 hours help desk, and you are dealing with 2 different companies. Cannot recommend using them at all.


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  1. Been using shopandship for 2+ years and they are organized, sms you when they are about to deliver the package and also deliver to your doorstep.

    Tried shipace 5 times now thinking their services are great. I got disappointed that they charge you much for handling fees/tax which make their shipping rates more than shopandship by far. Also they do not deliver to many areas and I live in Shahama so had to pick item in Musaffah which is annoying.

    Never gonig to use their services again.

  2. Thank you Shabab for sharing this. I was about to use their services but not after what I read here. Thanks for sharing. For some reason, I felt they are not professionals. that’s why i googled how they are rated.

  3. Hi there. Ordered a Pair of headphones from a US retailer who said their shipping weight is 11 ounces or 330 grams. Yet I have been charged 108 riyals, equivalent to 30 $ as they have mentioned 1 KG weight in the tracker. Don’t know how it went to 1 KG from 11 ounces.
    Rubbing salt on the wound is that the headphones were shipped on 17th August to Shipace mailbox but they updated my mailbox on 21st August. Its still in transit, on its way to Riyadh. and It might well go into the next week till it reaches Jeddah, where I live.
    Terrible terrible experience. I am paying these charges and as soon as I receive my package I am de-activating my account. Not using their services ever again. A complete waste of Time, money and energy.

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