what you need to transfer a car in Dubai…

I was the other day to transfer ownership of a car at the RTA. Expecting a lot of time loss as on the most governmental places i had visited I was really surprised on smooth it went.

We went to the Tasjeel station in Al Barsha. Taking a number on entering, directly to the check up lift. No waiting line. Going inside, arrange the insurance (you can do it online if you want in advance). Insurance is waiting for the result of the checking and you are done with that.

Take another number wait for the transfer and you are done.


  • Both parties need to be present (seller and buyer)IMG_20140825_114554
  • seller only needs emirates id and driving license.
  • buyer needs as well emirates id and driving license, passport with visa was requested for the insurance only.
  • You will have to fill out a transfer form which both parties have to sign.

That is pretty much it. Within one hour everything was done and transferred. Way easier than expected….

What I found really good is that after every step I got a text message. Once insurance was done, I got a text message confirming this and an email. After the transfer again I got a text message. Really good.

You can find the Tasjeel in Barsha on the below map:



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