giving the RTA smart app another chance…

the last time I tried the RTA Smart App to book a Taxi was a disaster.  This time it was not in the middle of the night but almost 9pm. A Taxi was found close to my location around 15 minutes away driving from Ghantoot direction Jebel Ali, where I was on the E75.

The taxi driver called me a few minutes later and asked me for my location. If I can see his location on my phone shouldn’t he see my location somehow? On a smart app that is what I would expect…

The taxi driver sadly preferred to drive down the DIP roudabout and took than the way of the complete 311 down do reach me… That took of course way more time than if he had taken a u turn in Jebel Ali..  The driver was friendly and superOK. But the dispatch shows that the app is not smart unfortunately.

Dear RTA: give the drivers a screen to so they can see where to go. That reduces unpaid driving time and increases revenues….

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