Restaurant Review: Döner & Gyros, Dubai Marina

It’s been a few weeks now that I blogged that Döner & Gyros is opening in Dubai Marina on 1st of August. Today was the chance to visit them and try them out.  Döner & Gyros is located close to the Marina Metro station in the same building as Papa Johns Pizza.

You have some tables inside as well as outside, which we did not choose on these temperatures….  We went for a Chicago Gyros, a traditional Wrap and a mini Berlin Döner paired with 2 bottles of water.

10525750_1453642781556049_246368351679820991_nThe mini Berlin Döner is not really mini. I found it quite well sized and was wondering how big a normal one would be. The bread they use is very similar to the one used by Doner Kebab in their franchises. But the taste of the Doner was in my opinion even better.  The Chicago Gyro comes with Tsaziki and is just awesome. I was missing a good Gyros over here since ever.  The Wrap finally was as well perfect. Nothing to complaint at all on the food, very tasty and even reasonable priced.

The Restaurant itself is not huge but comfortable to sit and relax and the (plenty) staff was very friendly. Definitely a Restaurant we will repeat a visit to on a fast snack.

Döner & Gyros, Dubai Marina
located close to Papa Johns and the Marina Metro station
Perfect. a must try..
friendly , patient, helpful. .
If you like Döner and Gyros you will fall in love with this place....

You can find Döner & Gyros here:

You can find more infos on the official website (LINK) or their Facebook page (LINK)

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