Restaurant Review: Figaro’s Pizza, Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi

Figaros_Italian_Pizza_Inc.We had been in Abu Dhabi’s Marina Mall today and went for Dinner to Figaro’s Pizza. As the one in Dubai has closed down for good that was a chance to get one of my favorite Pizzas.

The Restaurant is located on the end of the Mall on the first floor next to the probably never opening Ski Dome. For me not knowing about the Mall very well not too easy to find. But OK.

We went for a XL Pizza to share, half Pepperoni, half Margherita. I had completely forgotten how good the Pizza at Figaro’s is since the branch in Dubais JBR had closed down for good.  The Service was pretty good, helpful and at last very friendly as well.

Sadly this location is not in our easy reach, else we would go there certainly more often….

Figaro's Pizza, Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi
on the end of the Marina Malls 1st floor.
the best Pizza in town..
friendly and helpful, good. .
if you want a great pizza there is no way around Figaro's, for me definitely the best Pizza in the UAE....

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