soon to come: Dubai Crocodile Park…

passing by the outskirts south of Mirdif yesterday I saw above announcement. Not having heard of this one before and knowing the new Zoo is not far away but somewhere else than this it caught my interest.

1923807026Checking official information there is no clear information when this park should be operating and open but it was written often November of this year. Which would be great.

The crocodiles are said to be getting imported from Madagascar. The other picture just here is showing the rendering of how the crocodile Park should look like…

One of its attractions will be a nursery in which visitors will be able to handle young crocodiles. They will also be able to feed a few of the older ones and some of the pools will have glass walls so visitors can watch the beasts under water.  More than 200 crocs will be housed at the park, most of them freshwater except for one species of saltwater.

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