The RTA smart Taxi App is nice, but in reality does not work….

I tried last night to use the RTA Smart Taxi App which I had reviewed not too long ago.

Last night around 2.30 in the morning it was time to test it in reality. Being in Dubai Industrial City the app got the location and shortly a Taxi was assigned. Unfortunately a few minutes later the booking was cancelled within the app noIMG_20140728_031248tified through a message. I thought i had mistakenly pressed the cancel button, so I booked again. Again a taxi was assigned, again it was cancelled minutes later…

Great Service. You could see the location of the Taxi on the map and press book again.

The screen shot on the left shows in green where I was and in yellow on the right the taxi….

Calling the RTA Taxi central and booking a Taxi the manual way in the end worked and did the job. Overall this experience for me shows the App is not working well as you cannot rely on it even if it tethumbdownlls you a taxi is dispatched as it seems there is still the option for cancelling it either from the driver side or from the RTA side…..



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