Trying out online shopping with Namshi…

We love online shopping, Over here there are not too many good options as it is in Europe or the US. was for me so far a  disaster.

My wife found the Namshi website somewhere so we decided to give it a try.  We selected one item if the woman selection and paid online by credit card, that saves the delivery charges which else comes on top if you pay cash on delivery.

They say they deliver within 2 to 3 days within all Emirates. But the delivery company they use (Century Express) does not agree with that. Asking them to deliver to Alghadeer ended up in the offer to pick it up ourselves in a Mall 70km  away… Useless. So we we cancelled the first order which was anyways cash on delivery.

Still willing to try it we placed another order, this time I used my Abu Dhabi office address and paid in advance by card. On day 3 after the order the delivery arrived.  Usually I am dealing with DHL or Aramex who always want to see my Emirates ID to ensure they give it to the right person, but here nothing more than a signature was required. Not really convincing as it was paid in advance and anybody could have taken this and got away with it.

All over all the delivery promise they made was kept which made the experience overall good. Is it cheaper to buy online through Namshi? Not really, but they give you a 14 days free exchange and that is quite convenient even your order does not suit you.

Namshi carries as per their website more than 550 brands. So if you feel you want to do a bit online shopping, give them a try….


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4 thoughts on “Trying out online shopping with Namshi…”

  1. Hi Tomas,

    Thank you for taking time to review our products and services.

    Please email us your contact details to make sure that your future shopping experience in Namshi will be phenomenal.

    Thanks again and have a great day ahead!

    Best regards,
    Warren from Namshi 🙂

    1. I had the worst customer experience EVER at Namshi. The Brands you sell are fake, & when I contacted your customer support for a replacement; they kept promising they’d pick it up and no one did.
      I would never recommend your services to anyone!

  2. Namshi doesn’t provide guarantee or even exchange or replacement for many watches eg:-Aldo. Is it fake? Why no guarantee for branded watches also?

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