Living in Alghadeer? Geant delivers now to your doorstep!

If you are living in Alghadeer Village you know that getting groceries can be annoying. Specially if you have to get heavy things like water, washing powder and so on. From the shelf to the trolley, the trolley to the car, the car to the house…

Now Geant has finally added Alghadeer Village to their delivery Zone. Funny enough you will find it under Dubai. But as long as it works i don’t mind…

You can register and shop on Once you have put all you need in the shopping basket you can check out, where you can as well select which weekday they should deliver and in which time frame.

geant1That is it. Relax, sit back until the delivery day comes. You pay in advance by credit card of course, cash on delivery is not an option. But that is fine.

This is certainly good for the one or other purchase, what I personally would not order online is fresh vegetables for example or eggs, I would always prefer to see and touch these things before I purchase them….

Team Acme Labs

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