Forrest Gump just turned 20….

It is extremely hard to believe but one of the best movies, if not the best movie of all times has turned 20 years old. Forrest Gump.

Mama said stupid is as stupid does… 

Forrest Gump’s Mom

Released on 6th of July in 1994 this movie was epic. I saw it in the same year in cinema and was flashed.  For me this is certainly the best movie ever. I guess  I have seen it a dozen times and whenever it runs on a TV channel i watch it again. One super cool thing is that Forrest Gump is a completely decent character, always true to his word. He has no agenda and no opinion about anything except Jenny, his mother and God.

The whole movie is an emotional journey. You laugh and cry. It does what movies are supposed to do: make you feel alive.

Should you have never seen Forrest Gump I highly recommend you to watch it right now. You will not regret it.

You can see a Trailer below:

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