The most – and least – expensive city for expats in the Middle East…

Mercer has released their cost of living Report 2014. In there it shows as well the most expensive cities to live in in the Middle East.

Most Expensive Cities for Expats (ME)
Rank City Country
ME Global
1 63 Beirut Lebanon
2 67 Dubai UAE
3 68 Abu Dhabi UAE
4 77 Tehran Iran
5 103 Amman Jordan
6 111 Riyadh Saudi Arabia
8 147 Kuwait City Kuwait
9 150 Manama Bahrain
10 153 Cairo Egypt
11 158 Doha Qatar
12 171 Damascus Syria
13 175 Jeddah Saudi Arabia


Looking at this we have just moved from the second to the third most expensive city in the Middle East. I would probably  have never expected that Beirut is even more expensive than Dubai.

Kuwait coming in on 8 is no real surprise, compared to here I feel since years I had a higher purchase power in Kuwait compared to here on an almost equal basic salary.

You can read the full report here on the official Mercer website (LINK).

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