Review: The BlackBerry Z3

I got the BlackBerry Z3 the other day and now a few days down the road it is time to have a look how it performs.

The BlackBerry Z3 is the latest BlackBerry phone available in the market and the first one resulting out of the the new partnership with Foxconn which John Chen initiated.  Originally build with the market in Indonesia in mind it made the way to other markets as well by now, such as India, Malaysia and the UAE.

To make it clear, this is not a high end device. It is an entry level phone. The specs are not amazing, it doesn’t have the newest hardware inside neither. Nonetheless it has what it needs to keep the BlackBerry OS running very smoothly. The phone features a  5” glass LCD screen with a 1.2GHz Qualcomm processor behind, 8GB of flash memory and 1.5GB of RAM. A massive 2500mAh battery powers it  — and it does this amazingly.  I can make it easily from 6.30 am to 10pm  without charging checking 4 mail accounts, using Youtube, Nobex and Facebook all time.  Certainly to be noted, this phone has no 4G LTE on board. Hence saves some energy here as well.

you can see the size of the Z3 is not much bigger than the Z10
you can see the size of the Z3 is not much bigger than the Z10

The phone features a 5MP rear facing and a 1.1MP front facing camera. Provided you have good light the pictures are OK, and that is the best I can say.  It is better than some other BlackBerry cameras but not stunning. But here again, we have an entry level low budget device here.

The phone itself feels good and worthy. The build quality is good and thanks to the texture back it is not slippy at all.  From the looks it does still look like a familiar BlackBerry device despite being build by Foxconn.  The flying B logo on the back is as well as you see it on the other models.  You have on this device no removable back, like already on the Q5. You have a sim card and sd card slot on the side of the device with a little cover.

On top of the phone you will find the 3.5mm headphone jack, but nothing else. Biggest change for me was that the buttons now are on the left side. After years and years of having volume on the right side this was something to get used to. As well for using the left hand for screen shots. But I got used to it.


The phone does give you the full BlackBerry 10 OS experience. No matter if it is the BlackBerry Hub, BBM or the fantastic BlackBerry browser. It all works extremely well on the device and you do not feel that you have less RAM than a Z10. Everything runs smooth.  The device I got shipped with OS which is the same running on my Q5 and Z10.


If you are looking to replace your BlackBerry legacy device , this is the way to go. Would you get it to replace a BlackBerry Z10 or Z30?  Unlikely. The Z3 is bigger than a Z10 from the screen size, but neither faster, or better. So not really worth going that step. Downgrading from a Z30 as well makes not much of a sense, unless you just want to have the latest device and not the best specs.  The durable design and great battery life will make you think about it coming even from a Z10, as the battery life on that phone is a disaster.   In general for 899AED you cannot do really wrong with a BlackBerry….

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