Dear Khidmah, you should change your slogan…

The place I am renting is under Khidmah Maintenance. While they had been quite OK in the beginning they are getting horrible living here now 4 months.

More than 3 weeks back i had lodged a complaint as our front doors door handle is loose and can be removed easily. The request was made on the 8th of June as you can see below.


Unfortunately since then nothing has happened, follow up calls which promise that somebody will come the next working day are of course never happening…

I would not be too surprised as this is still the UAE and service lacks everywhere. Just the announcement they have on their website is just a complete overestimation of themselves.

khidmahjoke2On above screenshot of their website they have included 2 complete ridiculous statements.

  1. we are the Service  – no you are not. Good service is not what you deliver to your customers. Sadly. You should think of changing that.
  2. We serve exceptional people at an exceptional time. – If you mean that fixing a minor complaint within more than 26 days (and promised coming saturday now) is exceptional. Yes it is, exceptional poor.

I would suggest you get either your act together and get people working for your company that know how to get things done or you change your slogans. Here a suggestion:

  • Khidmah – You can be happy if we fixed your problem before your rental contract expires.
  • We are the Service – just kidding.

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