Ship Ace, a new mail forwarding company with US address…

If you regularly ship items from the US to the Middle East you are so far probably using DHL or Shop and Shop by Aramex as me. Now it seems with Ship Ace there is a new company in this market.

here is a comparison in prices for different weights:

Weight Aramex Ship Ace
to 500g 33AED  43AED 40AED
1kg 56AED 77AED 73AED
2kg 102AED 145AED 139AED
5kg 240AED 349AED 337AED
10kg 470AED 689AED 667AED


As you can see Ship Ace is sadly on every weight more expensive than Aramex. For me time usually does not matter as urgent needs are purchased locally. So even if they would be faster this would be no advantage for me… DHL was not compared as they are not charging purely per weight but also per volume….

But if you want try them out yourself and let me know how it was.

Update 13.07.14:

Seems i used the wrong Zones for Aramex Shop and Ship. I have corrected these. Overall now Ship Ace is slightly cheaper.

I will try them out and make a review if the speed is on par.

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12 thoughts on “Ship Ace, a new mail forwarding company with US address…”

  1. Not sure when or where you got your Aramex Shop and Ship rates from, but according to the Rate Calculator on their web site it should be 43, 77, 145, 349 and 689 AED for the amounts of kilograms that you have specified above. That is if you’re shipping from US to UAE. Your Ship Ace rates seems to be correct, so that would mean they are a tiny bit cheaper than Aramex.

  2. I gave them a try. Ordered a 1/2 kg package to Dubai, cost me 40AED. Reached in 7 business days. Didn’t face any issues really.

  3. I will try their service this end of the month. I will cop some pair of shoes in Eastbay. I hope it will end up smoothly. I will drop comment here soon 🙂

  4. They suck big time. They charge you around $100+ for “Duty and handling fees” plus they only inform you the coast after they ship you the item. All that for just a mobile phone!!

  5. Do not get deceived by their shipping rates as it looks cheaper than aramex, but they charge you handling fees or tax. They charge 5% fees from total invoice when it is under $250 and 10% for over $250.

    I tried them 5 and ordered a package around 4 kgs worth more than 1000 AED. They charged me 271 aed for shipping + 127 aed handling fees total of 389 aed.

    Now check with aramex shopandship for around 4kgs you pay 315 aed.

    I contacted shipace and they said it is mentioned in faq. Really disappointed.

  6. I’m not sure what to think of shipace, my cousin said she likes them cause they’re fast and cheaper but looks on here the opposite thoughts. I’ll leave a note if I use them with my reviews.

  7. i cant say anything about their shipping ace for now untill the end of dis month when i will taste their services

  8. very bad service. no one picks up the phone and they don’t even bother to respond to your message. seems this is a one person company and they are not at all up to the level of other companies like ship and shop. I have to inquire about my package and no is replying nor picking up the phone. been trying for the past one week. i challenge anyone to try and call and see if there will be any reply to 0097142530142 or 0097142364458 the numbers that are posted on their site.
    Advice: stay away

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