App Review: HDR Photo Camera for Windows Phone

Unlike my Z30 and even the BLackBerry Q5 the Nokia Lumia 1520 lacks of a build in HDR Camera option. As I know favor to have it i downloaded HDR Photo Camera of the Windows Phone Store.

The application works by capturing three successive frames at different exposure levels (bracketing). Then it uses the exposure fusion technique to select relevant elements and combines these frames into a new high dynamic range image.

Here for example a picture taken with the normal camera:

WP_20140605_001Here the same picture taken with the HDR app:

2014_06_05_18_17_47_HDRYou can easily spot the difference i believe.  Within the application you can  I have not used a tripod but would definitely recommend doing so for taking HDR images as it will give you better results.

You have a variety of settings for the Camera, these settings for HDR Photo Camera cover:

  • Capture Parameters for your HDR images
  • Turning on/off high resolution processing
  • Turning on/off Anisotropic alignment (helps a little with handheld shooting)
  • Turning on/off fast capture (supported by Lumia Windows Phones)
  • Turning on/off source image saving (otherwise the individual photos will be dumped once the HDR image is created)
  • Setting fuse parameters (contrast, saturation, exposure)
  • Display options that include composition grid, a virtual horizon, and guidance messages

If you are into HDR Photography you will love this App. You can even download it as free trial version before you decide if you want to spend 1.49$ on it.

You can download the App in the Windows Store here: (LINK)

Here are a few screenshots:

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