a ride with the RTA Dubai Ferry Evening Tea Cruise….

So we did the Evening Tea Cruise with the RTA Ferry today. First thing on my mind was why a 3pm tour is called Evening Tea. But ok, marketing which i don’t understand I assume.

The seats in the inside are completely removed on this Tour, that is as well the reason you cannot buy Gold or Silver Class tickets. All tickets are on the same price which is 75AED, inclusive of one soft drink…

I had checked the route before and rather than around the Atlantis Hotel and back on the inside (which i have done plenty of times with visitors already) this tour should go through the bridge before the Monorail station along the coast till almost Burj Al Arab.

Here the picture from RTA for the route:

ferrytourasperRTADisappointing was that the route did not really match the promise. It is not going that close towards Burj Al Arab, well not even close to Madinat Jumeirah to be honest, and it does not go around the little island as pictured above. As well it was not 70 minutes. It was almos exactly one hour….

Below is the GPS track i recorded today. Showing clearly the differences.  You can download the file here

rtaferrytherealtourIf one of your reasons to go on this Tour is to take pictures of the Burj Al Arab Hotel, you will be disapointed that you stay quite far away.

Here are a few pictures taken on the trip:

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