Batmobile Tumbler Golf Cart goes on sale….

Almost a year back i had blogged about the Batman Tumbler Golf Cart.  Now you can buy this car in a limited edition at Miami exotic car dealer Prestige Imports.  Downturn on this: The price tag is 49.950$. That is around 170.000AED and for that money you get a not too bad real vehicle.

Still, modified golf carts are fairly popular in Florida, where they’re used as neighborhood vehicles in the state’s many retirement communities.

  • Custom-made dual 28″ Super Swamper tires – a smaller version of the original Tumbler Tires from the movie.
  • On-board charger.
  • Secret Kill switch as an anti theft device.
  • iPad – Stand.
  • Lights, side mirrors.
  • Horn with a noise that is as equal in stature.
  • Rear warning backup buzzers.
  • up to 36MPH

Below is the video of the making of this ultra Golf Cart…

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