VW going to bring a 10 Speed DSG gearbox…

When it comes to gas mileage, Volkswagen’s always had a competitive lineup of vehicles. Even still, the company wants to improve its fuel economy by 15 percent across the board come 2020. As part of said initiative, VW Group development boss Hans-Jakob Neusser announced plans to introduce the world’s first 10-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Yes, we said 10-speed. Set to arrive in a variety of 2015 FWD and RWD models, the transmission is capable of handling up to 500NM of torque (which would be enough to power the rumored Golf R400 super-GTI seen above). Such a gearbox would save you some dollars by better optimizing the engine’s RPMs, so basically, you get better gas mileage without sacrificing power. That’s a win-win,.

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