Require a nano sim card for your phone? Here is an easy way…

I required for a mobile device a nano sim card. The problem was after visiting 3 different Etisalat shops accross verious big Malls, none was carrying replacement nano sim cards. The store staff in the skimjamMall of the Emirates told me they did not get them since 3 days and they don’t know when they will be available again. Great service, but in the end as expected from Etisalat.


Being the not too patient persons that i am I had to find another way.  I found this in the form of Skin Jam in the IBN Batutta Mall who just cut the existing micro sim card into a nano sim card. The charges of 10AED are even cheaper than the 20AED Etisalat charges, and the best is I could avoid standing again in line of an Etisalat outlet.

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