App Review: Contact Care for BlackBerry 10

I had always issues dealing with my Contacts on 2 phones. Contact Care makes this easier.

  •  Contact Care provides the features for Backup, Restore, Merge, Export in CSV format, Import from CSV Format and Delete All contacts in single touch.

  • The special operations done by the Contact Care is Export and Import the Contacts in CSV format. You can open this file in Excel like spreadsheets and then can print it or edit it.

  • You can now list out the duplicates by Name, Phone number or Email id.

  • There is a option to set the prior contact into which you will merge the remaining duplicates.

  • You can Export contacts to single vCard v3.0 format.

  • You can later restore these contacts to any other phone.

  • You can restore the contacts from single vCard file or the individual vCard files too.

  • You can list contacts to choose from, to take backup. Listing is very smooth. It doesn’t take time to load. It gets loaded as you scroll down.

Synchronizing and backing up contacts was never easier than this. Below are a few screen shots:

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You can download the App in BlackBerry World here: (LINK)

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