Seems Etisalat needs an own Category here….

not enough that Etisalat is incapable since 5 weeks to get my eLife at our new home working properly. No, that would be too easy. Following their credo We are more stupid than you can imagine! They have sent me the last bill for the old apartment in Business Bay with a little surprise.

elifebillSo they charge me 850AED for not having returned the 2 TV boxed and the main box. Stupid only that on the 8th of March already i have returned these to the Al Wasl Business Center. So once again Etisalat is messing it up.

Calling the most useless hotline in the World (Etisalats 101) brought no news, as expected. I have to visit again the Business Center i was told. Brilliant. So we visited the same Business Center again yesterday afternoon. After waiting for one hour (would have been less if not permanently people without tickets would have been entertained) the guy who i had to deal with looked a bit helpless and walked left and right to his colleagues to check.  Finally after 15 minutes he started deducting the amount from the final bill and i paid the difference. He said within 4 weeks my issue will be solved and i can follow-up calling 101. WTF? I believe there is not a single competent or intelligent person working in that company as i can now again happily follow-up with their useless support.

In case it turns out that they will still ask the money i probably will have to call the police as the Etisalat guy who took the things has probably stolen them if Etisalat itself has not received them. Luckily my end can be proven…

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