How to cancel Etisalat BlackBerry prepaid subscriptions in the UAE…

Sadly Etisalat is not offering the highest data amount on the BlackBerry Complete package (500MB). It happens frequently that my wife runs out of data before the subscription renewal date is reached, so what to do?  At du you can purchase additional data, but not at Etisalat.  The Etisalat website as well is not very helpful at this topic. If you do not want to wait until the renewal date you can simply cancel your subscription and re-subscribe.

Data Allowance unsubscribe code subscription code text to
no data anyways C B49 B49 1010
500MB C B79 B79 1010
3GB C B185 B185 1010
but only postpaid available

The cancellation happens immediately and you can re-subscribe again directly if you want, Of course you pay for it again so it works only if you have enough balance on the number.In case you are wondering that BlackBerry Unlimited has a limit. Yes it has. I agree they should rename it as the actual package name is confusing…

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14 thoughts on “How to cancel Etisalat BlackBerry prepaid subscriptions in the UAE…”

  1. I had a bb earlier and have now switched to a samsung therefore not requiring the bb social package when I added a credit of 50dhs it automatically deducted the credit to renew the bb social whixh I dont need, I cancelled my subscription to that using the above code but is it possible to refund my credit?

  2. ^ I think your wrong “tomas ”
    Call 101 and talk to a their call center and tell them the thing that happened to you and they will take it back if you complain or something
    Try saying to them that I didn’t subscribe and it’s not allowed for them to deduct it from your balance …etc

  3. i dont this package anymore, long time not using it. suddenly i really need more credit on my phone this time to call, yet they automatically deduct the AED 49 for this package which i actually don’t required now.
    if i cancelled it now, can i still use the one month subcription which they have deducted already?

  4. Thanks a lot for your help man. Really saved me. I was scared when Etisalat started charging me soo much, so you saved me Bro. Thanks. Means a lot.

  5. my number not register in my name some times i need to talk customer care for rectifying any problem they asking owner name of the sim which i am usig but i dont know owner name please suggest me how can i find owner name its possible to transfer the number in my name one year back i tried they asking previous owner details also please suggest me how can i solve this problem

    1. I transferred a number that was not on my name in Etisalat main office. It is possible. First time I was refused, then I went again and it worked. Depends on the person at the desk : D There was some declaration or something like that that I had to fill. Talk to management if you are refused.

  6. I try to cancel my bbm plan its not going through… it’s keep taking my credit every month……

  7. I got a new phone it’s samsung @I forgot to cancel my plan on my bb. I thought it will transfer but not working n my new phon. I msg. So many times to 1010 my msg. Failed… I’m calling 101 it’s busy… it’s annoying I cannot put credit on my phon then they will deduct emmediately.. but my plan doesn’t work anymore if I’m out. Only if I connect on WiFi… pls… I want to cancel it… it’s already 3months like this.. 49dhs per month but I’m not gonna able to use it… @I had a credit why my msg. Doesn’t go through? @I put C B49 but its my msg. Failed.

  8. i am using a post paid plan.. i subscribe b79 and cancelled it the same day c b79.. will they deduct the amount from my bill..??

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