Khidmah Khadamati Services available in Alghadeer Village…

living now since 3 weeks here there are still some thing we had been looking for. Things like Pest control and Housekeeping got answered today with a flyer of Khidmah coming in announcing their Khadamati services.

Khadamati Service is  Easy Home Services, Handyman and Individual Services and preventive Maintenance.

We all need help finding the right person to do the right job around the house whether it’s installing shower screens or designing your new home. Khidmah Easy home is at your service.

For example:

Housekeeping in a 3 bedroom Villa is on monthly 560AED (4 visits)

khadamati1Additional you have services Deep Cleaning and Pest Control as well as car wash. Yes, car wash…

khadamati2You can find more information on the official website of Khidmah (LINK)

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