App Review: CityGuard of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

cityguard_logoCity Guard is a new app for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry with which you can report incidents and submit complaints related to the Abu Dhabi Emirate directly to the government.

With its slogan “Your City, Your Community, Your App”, CityGuard aims to increase civic participation and collaboration between the public and the government to improve the Emirate at all levels.

By using this mobile application, you can report incidents by taking a photo, recording a video or audio clip and using the CityGuard interactive map to record the exact location of the incident. CityGuard will automatically create a case for the incident with the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre which will promptly assign the case to the appropriate Government Entity for resolution. From “Open” to “Closed”, residents can follow their case by using the CityGuard mobile application, going online to, or directly contacting the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre at 800 555 or

I think this is very cool. The next Toyota Landcruiser overtaking me on the emergency lane will get reported this way… I really want to try this out.

Below are a few screenshots:

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You can download the app at BlackBerry Appworld (LINK) or at the Google Play store (LINK).

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