Etisalat eLife, soon having more Episodes than Star Wars…

So it seems my ordeal with Etisalat won’t come to an end. After calling the Etisalat No Care Center everyday on 101 and speaking to agents, Supervisors and Managers I came to the conclusion that the whole Customer Wannabe Care Center is a bunch of clowns…

It is easier to buy a nuclear rocket than getting Etisalat to activate my eLife account….

After having had yesterday the promise that within 24 hours everything will be solved ( he spoke to the concerned department while i had to wait on line). Astonishingly 25hours later absolutely nothing has changed. No call of the technician or anybody else from the Etisalat Team, no secret or hidden activation without passing by or anything else….

Pure Frustration.  So I had to call the Customer No Care Center of Etisalat again today. Result, they will send an email to the concerned department for follow up. WTF!?!

The people have no idea how to deal with complaints at all. If i was Etisalat i would replace these highly unqualified people with a recording tape on which you can leave your message. They would save a lot of salaries, and as right now, nobody would care about the tapes as well. So at least it is not going

I’m not sure how difficult an eLife activation can be after the box is installed and Internet is working. But it seems that this is a Mission Impossible. Also to mention they still have to get outgoing calls working and deliver the second TV Box which they surely had only forgotten on the first visit….

I had also contacted Etisalat Care on Twitter which not very surprisingly wasn’t helpful either…

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