Etisalat e-Life: The Saga continues… WTF.

After last Thursday the Etisalat guy finally made his way to bring over the incomplete order i have called Etisalat again on a daily base. Obviously completely without success. I am not even sure if the people i have spoken to on the phone are having would even be qualified to walk alone cross a 1 lane road.

Speaking to them is so frustrating that it took everything in me, not to completely lose it.  You can see dealing with Etisalat an exercise in endurance. They asked me today within a 13 minutes conversation 3 times for my name. You should expect they know your name as you call and they ask you your name for verification, so asking five minutes later for the name and phone number again is just a joke. Not enough with that the guy had problems getting clearly spoken numbers in the right order…. Qualified care center staff? Hell no.


Ending up with the usual ‘ sir i will create a complaint and the concerned department ( still unnamed, still top-secret) will call you to rectify your problem.‘  It is more plausible that MH370 is found within the next one hour as that Etisalat would call.

The connection of the future that has the support staff of the past. And when I say past i mean past.  I would recommend Etisalat to rename eLife to E-death, that is at least directly communicating their service level.

Sadly the monopoly they are holding keeps them alive, in an open market with competition they would probably bankrupt within 3 months as no customers would be left over…

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