Update: Etisalat messes it up once again… WTF

So today is day six of trying to get Etisalat to give me a date for the Installation of elife.. The obvious follow up phone call brought me after more then 18 minutes just again a “Sir we will inform the concerned department” So i had to ask for a Manager once again.

As no Manager was available i spoke to s Supervisor who out of the fact that he said he understand my frustration told me nothing new. But he also said he will escalate it to the concerned department… Again.

This concerned department must have by now more than 10 notifications on my case as everybody who I speak to tells them. But when asking which department exactly is the concerned department i got no answer. Most probably this is a secret division within Etisalat which is able to press delete buttons faster then problems come in, so they never have problem cases….  This is turning out to be very frustrating sadly… etisalat_again


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